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doxy n : a woman who cohabits with an important man [syn: concubine, courtesan, odalisque, paramour]

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Perhaps from Dutch word "docke", meaning "doll"



  1. A prostitute or a mistress.
    • 1922, Do you think the writer of Antony and Cleopatra, a passionate pilgrim, had his eyes in the back of his head that he chose the ugliest doxy in all Warwickshire to lie withal? — James Joyce, Ulysses

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For the Doxy in the Harry Potter Universe, see Magical beasts (Harry Potter).
For the jazz standard by Sonny Rollins, see Doxy (song).
For the antibiotic, see Doxycycline.
"Doxy" comes from the Greek, "doxa," and means "thought" or "teaching." Hence "orthodoxy," which means "right teaching."
The name "Doxy" was a code name used by John D. Rockefeller's personnel to communicate about shady dealings, and it meant "Standard Oil" in the parlance of that era of Trust building and Monopolism.

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chippy, concubine, floozy, girl friend, grisette, inamorata, kept mistress, kept woman, lover, mistress, nymph, nymphet, paramour, playmate, tart, unofficial wife, wanton, woman
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